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What Information Will I Need to Order a PC Card?

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What information will I need if I order a PC card off the Internet, or over the phone?

What Information Will I Need to Order a PC Card?

PC mobile broadband cards turn every café into an Internet café. You can get very good deals on PC cards by ordering direct from your carrier's web site, after some preparation:

1. Write down your computer's operating system, the manufacturer, and the model number.

2. Check your ports. Not all laptops are able to take full-size wireless PC cards.Check the size of your mobile wireless PC card slot and be sure it is large enough to physically accommodate the card you want.

3. Install the latest version of your computer's operating system or download any upgrades and security patches.

4. Make sure you let the customer service rep know that you are running a Mac or Windows operating system, and the version you are currently using. Vista and XP systems may have different software installation needs to handle your new mobile pc wireless card.

5. Google your computer make and model, plus the name of the PC card you wish to buy. You may find some advance tips on the combination of your specific system and that mobile PC wireless card. How does that Verizon PC card work with Vista? Does it work better with XP? Do some digging first.



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