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Cell Phone Battery Safety For Kids

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What should I tell my child about cell phone battery safety?

Cell Phone Battery Safety For Kids

When you give your children cell phone gift cards, discuss cell phone safety for kids. Proper cell phone battery care is important; over the last two years, 83 people were burned by exploding cell phones. In all cases, the battery was to blame, with a large percentage of the injuries caused by counterfeit batteries.

Avoid the counterfeit issue completely by getting batteries from your cell phone carrier, or directly from the manufacturer of the cell phone. Cell phone safety for kids means getting them the right equipment to charge their phones. Incompatible cell phone chargers can damage your battery.

Warn young cell phone users not to touch the battery with metal objects including keys, coins, or jewelry. Cell phone batteries can appear undamaged after getting wet or being dropped, tell your child to let you know if any of these things occur, and replace the battery immediately.



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