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Locked Phones Vs. Locked Keypads

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What is the difference between a locked keypad and a locked cell phone?

Locked Phones Vs. Locked Keypads

One common cell phone problem is the non-working keypad, but before you start re-reading your Verizon return policy, check to make sure your keypad is unlocked. A "locked" keypad keeps you from accidentally dialing numbers while the phone is in your pocket.

Some people get the locked cell phone keypad issue confused with a "locked" cell phone. These locked cell phone complaints usually happen when a customer buys a phone without subscribing to a plan at the same time. Many cell phones have a computer chip which only allows them to be used with a particular cell phone provider and requires activation. A locked keypad is easily fixed with a quick look at the cell phone user/equipment manual to learn your phone's unlock procedure. A locked cell phone requires you to sign up for cell phone service.



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