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Can I Block My Cell Phone Number?

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Can I block my cell phone number from showing up on Caller ID?

Can I Block My Cell Phone Number?

Many people want to block their cell phone numbers when making certain calls. Are you trying to get a competitive price quote on a car or other high-dollar item but don't want to wind up on someone's cell phone directory calling list?

You can block your number from appearing by dialing the star key (*) followed by the number 67, then dial the phone number and press "send". This is known as "doing a star-67". Doing this prevents cell phone numbers from showing up on someone's caller ID, and will keep you being added to an aggressive telemarketer's cell phone listings.

If you want to deactivate caller ID on all calls to a particular number, press the * key, followed by the number 82, and the phone number. Hit send, then all your calls to that number will show up as "private number."



8/7/2011 2:19:33 PM
bakhtawar said:

i want to block my number due to disturb me from all network and i want change the number....


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