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Optional Text, Video, And Picture Features

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Am I billed for video, text, and picture messaging?

Optional Text, Video, And Picture Features

If your phone has text messaging, picture messaging or video messaging capabilities, those services may be automatically activated when you buy your cell phone. Some plans only allow you to use these features if you are paying a monthly fee, but if the service is active, you may be billed “pay-per-use” charges if the text, picture or video messaging is used. You can usually request to have these features blocked to protect yourself from unwanted charges. You may also choose to keep the features in your calling plan in a limited way. Read your contract carefully and know how you will be billed for optional services, like picture messaging. Some customers have trouble with unwanted features that they didn't realize they were getting and only learn of the problem when the first bill arrives. To avoid surprises, sign up for your cell phone provider's Internet account management service. You will be able to view all features on the account and change the ones you don't need.



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