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What If The Rebate Doesn't Arrive?

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What If The Rebate Doesn't Arrive?

What happens if your rebate check never arrives? There are a few things you can do:

* Double-check your mail as you might have overlooked the check. Search through your "junk mail" pile and double check unopened envelopes. Some rebates may appear in envelopes that look smiliar to junk mail, but instead contain your money.

* It's possible your rebate check hasn't arrived. You should contact the manufacturer of the cell phone, or the rebate fulfillment company, and ask when the check will be mailed, or why the check has been delayed. If the cell phone dealer issued the rebate, you should work directly with them.

* If the payment doesn't come, you should write a letter to the cell phone maker and document your communication.

* The last resort is to contact the Better Business Bureau. You can also talk to the consumer affairs department of your Attorney General's office in the state where you reside.



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