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Read The Fine Print For Rebates

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Read The Fine Print For Rebates

If you've chosen to accept a rebate offer, here is some advice on how to track your rebate:

* Read the fine print: Make sure you completely understand what's required to get the rebate before you buy your phone. You usually have to show proof of purchase, but some companies also set deadlines for rebate submissions.

* Try to find rebates that are automatic once the cashier rngs up the purchase, or rebates that require you fill out the form at the cashier to get the deal in your initial purchase.

* Make copies of everything, including your receipts and proof of purchase. Do not send the originals in with the rebate request.

* Get a receipt for mailing your request with the date on it. You can use certified mail, priority mail, return receipt requested mail, or a private delivery company (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.).



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