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No Limits on Video Shoots

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No Limits on Video Shoots

Thanks to the introduction of micro-SD cards to many video cell phones, it's now possible to use your video cell phone as a real video camera. On new video cell phones like the Samsung A940-A950, the camera records video directly to the mini-SD card. This means you can shoot as much video as your card will hold. Buy a 1 GB card and shoot up to an hour of video with your video cell phone. Some video cell phones without cards still limit video to 15 or 30-second clips. So make sure that if video capture is important to you, your cell phone's video capacity is limited only by the size of your digital storage card.



7/27/2006 8:01:14 PM
Steve said:

I just installed a 1gb transflash memory chip in my Motorola E185 from Alltel and I can now record video up to 3 minutes long (about 1.6mb each). It will record about 400 of these 3 min. snippets. I really want to get longer times, but have to press on Motorola and Alltel.


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