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Look Across the Ocean

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Look Across the Ocean

If you're wondering about the future of cellphones, look across the ocean -- either ocean. Both Europe and Asia are often way ahead of the US in terms of new cellphone technology. Here are some of the new services and features already released in Europe that we'll see sooner or later:

* Broadband phones: We're starting to see phone networks speed up already, but nothing like the widespread use in Europe and Asia. And along with high-speed pipes come high-speed services like TV, video on demand and GPS. For gadget geeks and casual users alike, this will be big.

* True digital camera phones: Samsung just released a 10 megapixel digital cam phone in Korea. We won't see that for a while, but you can expect to soon see phone cams rival average digital cams in terms of resolution and features. For cameraphone fans, this is good news.

* Complete convergence: Expect to see cell phones that combine high-speed pipes, full-featured still and video cams, and powerful computers in smaller and smaller packages.



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