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2 Megapixels Minimum!

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2 Megapixels Minimum!

For gadget geeks and snapshooters, a camera is now an essential part of a cell phone purchase. The first generation of cell phones had 640x480 resolution (2 megapixel), which is fine for cell phones but less than desireable for printing. These days, it's becoming much more common to see 1 megapixel and even 2 megapixel cameras. These phones will come closer to decent 4x6 standard print-size images. And you can expect to see even better camera phones sooner rather than later. Samsung just announced a 10 megapixel phone that rivals the best digital cameras. So if a camera phone is important to you, don't settle for less than 2 megapixels and if you can wait even for a few months, you'll likely be able to do a lot better.



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