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Competition Over Extras in the No Contract Phone Game

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What extras may be included with a no contract cell phone?

Competition Over Extras in the No Contract Phone Game

No contract, no extras? No, don't think that! Carriers such as Tracfone and Liberty Wireless as well as the big wireless providers offer perks if you go contract-less. Everyone's happy except the lawyers.

A no contract cell phone carrier often includes extras with its prepaid service in order to be more competitive than the next no contract wireless phone carrier. For example, most no contract cell phone services include standard cell phone services: voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, 411 connect, call conferencing, and nationwide long distance.

Extra tip: Some carriers even include unlimited night or weekend minutes, unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes, and bonus anytime minutes with each reload. Also, a few select carriers will allow their no contract cell phones to sign up for Roadside Assistance and phone warranty coverage.

Compare wireless plans on or another cell phone shopping site--and if you don't see extras listed, ask for them.



8/29/2009 3:41:50 PM
AngelC said:

Hey! I use a Tracfone and it's awesome. It gets signal where all my friends struggle to get anything on their phones. And you're right, they have some great features as standard, like roll over minutes, cheap international calls, no roaming fees, no daily-use charges etc.


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