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Raising the Bar: Available Phones from Cingular

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What types of phones does Cingular offer?

Raising the Bar: Available Phones from Cingular

You've seen the bars on the TV ads, but does Cingular really raise the bar?

Cingular offers many name brand phones such as Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and RIM Blackberry--also other leading PDA phones. Their phones generally offer an assortment of features such as Bluetooth technology, digital cameras, video recorders, and Web browsing, as well as many multitasking features such as phone books, calendars, and to-do lists.

The phones vary in shapes and sizes, but Cingular phones tend to be stylish and lightweight and they offer variable degrees of talk and standby time. But you may still be bewildered by the array of choices. Perhaps Cingular raised the bar a bit too high.

Raising the Bar Tip: Some online sites allow consumers to choose from different types of phones available from each carrier. These cellular-shopping sites feature comparison charts that list costs and features. This is a great benefit for consumers who are not necessarily choosy about the carrier but are particular about what they want and need in a phone.



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