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Cingular Coast-To-Coast and Your Family

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What does the Nation Family Plan has to offer?

Cingular Coast-To-Coast and Your Family

Is your family a coast-to-coast clan? Cingular Wireless has a calling plan for families who need nationwide coverage. Best of all, if you're keeping track of kids in college, this plan does not apply additional fees for long distance or roaming. But does this plan suit your family's needs?

The plans have all of the basic features of the individual plans and begin at around $59.99 per month, which allows your family consumer 550 Anytime minutes and unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes as well as night and weekend minutes. Additional minutes vary from 45 cents to 10 cents per minute depending on what Cingular plan the customer has chosen. Think carefully--you might not want to know what your son did on his spring break!

Family plans have become less profitable for cell phone companies (Cingular was the first to note a drain) and the companies are adding mobile-to-mobile as well as other extras. You don't need to buy the most minutes available in a family plan, especially if you're talking to someone in the network.



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