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Web Browser and Internet Access

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What does a cell phone web browser and Internet access have to offer?

Web Browser and Internet Access

You can surf the Internet on just about any device--though that rumor about Microsoft developing a toilet with Web access is an urban legend.

Most cell phones today have Web access via a Web browser with pages designed especially for mobile phones. The web browser is similar to a regular PC Web browser, with access to an address line where URLs can be typed in directly. You can perform normal Web functions such as searching, accessing email, instant messaging, and downloading sites.

Many of the same sites that are accessed through a regular PC can also be accessed from a cell phone. Tip: Because of Flash plugins, Java and other browser add-ons, there are some sites that are not compatible with cellular phones, but for basic web browsing it is a wireless dream. The most popular function is sending and receiving emails and instant messages (via programs provided by Yahoo, MSN, or AOL, etc). Popular sites such as PayPal, EBay, and Amazon are even cell phone compatible!

Web browser functions are available through most all carriers for a low monthly fee and the time allowed is usually unlimited. This is a great feature if you need constant access to your e-mail.

Data packages may limit how many megabytes you can send, so have an idea of your Web surfing needs before you buy a cell phone and data plan.



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