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Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

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What accessories are a must have?

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

You can accessorize your computer, your wheelchair, your iPod, and of course, your cell phone.

Most cell phones are compatible with various optional accessories. Depending on what phone you use, accessories can be purchased individually or in packages. Accessory packages are definitely the best deal as purchasing accessories individually can really add up. It's tempting, for example, to just buy a cell phone case or earphone that you see in the store without comparing prices--or comparing accessories to find the best "fit" for your phone."

Some accessories are necessities, rather than luxuries. Most carriers will provide one battery and a wall charger with all mobile phones. However, you can buy additional items that cater to your wants and needs, such as a magnetic holder you can stick on your dashboard, that holds your cell phone for convenient storage and hands-free calling if you have voice dialing or a Bluetooth headset.

There are countless accessories available. A car charger is a popular accessory that is often a must have for commuters. A cell phone holder is another nifty accessory that can protect cell phones from scratches and messy fingers--it usually comes with a clip for easy attachment to a purse, pocket, or belt, and your favorite designers make cell phone cases.

Cell phone use while driving is controversial, and some states seek to ban talking while driving. Anyone who plans to drive and talk at the same time (or do anything and talk on their cell phone at the same time, for that matter) might benefit from an ear bud/piece that will make hands-free conversations possible. This accessory will also help prevent unnecessary car accidents and dropping of phones. Plus, many ear pieces come with auto answer buttons so you can keep your phone in its place and answer your call with the push of a button. But keep your attention on driving--no business call is worth an accident!

Any of these items can be bought directly from the carrier, online, or even in retail stores. But a package deal on accessories for mobile phones will save you some cash and time.



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