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Do I Need a Cell Phone to Send a Text Message?

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Do I need to own a cell phone to send text messages?

Do I Need a Cell Phone to Send a Text Message?

You don't need to own a cell phone to send cell phone text messages. You can use your e-mail service to send a cell phone text message to the cell phone owner, if you know the email address the cell phone is registered under.

Using technology known as SMS or Short Message Service, you can send very short messages (about 160 characters long) via email to a cell phone if the cellular service provider allows SMS messaging. Most of the major cell phone providers offer SMS. One (sometimes) overlooked option is at the cell phone company website. Many vendors offer the ability to send a text message to subscribers direct from the cell phone company's website. All you need is the cell phone number or user name of the person you need to contact. Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to use this service to send video messaging or picture messaging files, only SMS text is allowed in most cases.



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