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I'm Looking for a Specific MIDI Ringtone. Where Do I Start?

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Where can I find free MIDI ringtones to download?

I'm Looking for a Specific MIDI Ringtone. Where Do I Start?

Major carriers seem to gravitate toward music-based ringtones, but there are a large number of free MIDI ringtones available. Sites such as and offer a huge amount of free ringtones in the MIDI format, and they even take requests! This is a great way for ringtone newbies to get used to downloading, managing, and deleting their ringtones.

Once you've mastered your phone, you can switch to the actual song files offered by your favorite wireless carrier. Remember that most major carriers require you to pay again to download phone ringtones you accidentally delete from your phone. Get to know your cell phone's file management system by downloading ringtone for free, and don't forget to delete the free MIDI ringtones you don't need before paying for and downloading your Verizon ringtones or T-Mobile ringtones.



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