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Can I Use Bluetooth to Transfer Ringtones?

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Can I use Bluetooth to transfer ringtones?

Can I Use Bluetooth to Transfer Ringtones?

A famous hotel chain recently made a splash with technology blogs by offering free ringtones via Bluetooth. Mac users can do Bluetooth ringtone transfers quickly and easily thanks to the iSync feature in Mac laptops and desktop models. Windows XP and Vista users can click on the Bluetooth icon in their taskbar and select the "File Send" option, but your computer must recognize your phone as a Bluetooth device in order to make the transfer work.

Try using the Bluetooth option to search for devices in range of your computer. Bring your cell phone next to the computer for easier detection, and be sure the Bluetooth capability in your cell phone is active before trying to search for the phone on your Windows machine. Once your machine and your phone are paired, you can Bluetooth ringtones to your phone. If you have trouble maintaining a connection during your Bluetooth ringtone transfer, try restarting or recharging your phone before sending files over.



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