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Managing Your Ringback Tones

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How do I managed my ringback tones?

Managing Your Ringback Tones

Depending on your wireless carrier, ringback tones can be managed on the website where you purchased them. You can assign specific tones to particular callers, get new ringback tones, and check to see when your current Verizon ringback tones will expire.

Many ringtones expire after a year, and some cell phone carriers also have a limit. 100 ringback tones is the limit for Verizon, for example. If you are at your limit for ringback tones, you can add new ones simply by deleting the old ones. Get rid of the oldest ringtones in your collection to quickly free up space for new ringback tones.

Did you know that many carriers allow you to assign time-of-day settings to your ringback tones? Those who want a straightforward ring during business hours can assign a different ringback tone for after-hours fun. Your T Mobile ringback tones or other versions are billed directly to your cell phone account, so in most cases you won't need to pay with a credit card for these services.



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