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Is There a Way to Block Roaming on My Prepaid Cellular Phone?

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Is there a way to block roaming on my prepaid cellular phone?

Is There a Way to Block Roaming on My Prepaid Cellular Phone?

Roaming happens when your prepaid cellular phone connects to a cell phone tower that does not belong to your provider. Ordinarily this only occurs when you are traveling outside of your state. If you live in a rural area, or on the fringe of your coverage zone, this may occur more often.

Roaming can eat up your prepaid cell phone minutes balance very quickly. If frequent roaming is a problem, call your carrier's technical support group, to make sure programming in your prepaid wireless phone is not the problem. You may need to program your phone so it doesn't connect with any other network's towers. This option is usually found under “Settings” in your menu.



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