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Homemade Verizon Smartphone Ringtones

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Is there a way to record my own ring tone without using an MP3 file?

Homemade Verizon Smartphone Ringtones

Verizon PN-820 Smartphones allow you to make a homemade custom ringtone by recording straight to your Verizon smartphone without downloading an MP3 file.

Go to "Start”, then find the “Voice Notes”(voice recorder), application and open it. You may see an empty screen, which simply indicates you haven't recorded anything yet. Push “Record” and capture the audio you want. Limit the recording to 10-60 seconds to save storage space on your Verizon Smartphone. When you are in the recording screen of your Verizon Smartphone, highlight the recording you created, open the menu, select “rename”, then type a new name for the tune or sound effect.

Set the recording as your ringtone by highlighting it while you are in the voice recorder. Open the menu, and select “Set As Ringtone”. You may have to do this manually by opening your File Manager. Move the recording from “folder/storage/my documents/notes” to “folder/storage/application data/sounds." From the Start menu, select “Settings,” “Sounds,” and “Ring Tones” and choose the recording.



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