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Family Cell Phone Calling Plans

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What should I know about family cell phone calling plans?

Family Cell Phone Calling Plans

If you have multiple relatives wanting to get in on a family cell phone deal, make sure the whole family understands the fine print when it comes to the terms the cell phone offers. Your family may understand that text messages are free, but do they realize that some companies charge airtime for those texts? If you go over your daytime minutes you could be charged airtime "per minute" charges as per your cell phone voice plan agreement.

If you are signing up a student heading off to college, some major cell phone companies require you to sign those students for your family cell phone deal in your calling area, not the calling area the student lives in while at school. If that student goes abroad, international roaming rates may apply for text and picture messaging, not just cell phone voice plan minutes. International roaming rates vary, but some cell phone services charge around 70 cents per minute. Make sure everyone on your cell phone calling plan understands all the charges and how they can add up.



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