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My Cell Phone Calling Plan Has Been Deactivated. Help!

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What should I do if my account is deactivated?

My Cell Phone Calling Plan Has Been Deactivated. Help!

If your cell phone calling plan has been deactivated, contact the cell phone provider right away to settle the account and have your service reinstated. Cell phone billing policies for many major companies allows full reinstatement of a cell phone calling plan if you pay the overdue amount of your bill plus a small reactivation fee.

Those who wait too long will have the account terminated which includes any fees for early termination. You may be required to open a new account based on current cell phone deals, rather than the ones you started off with if the account has been fully terminated rather than simply deactivated. The fees for early termination of an account are much higher than the fees for account reactivation. Save money by contacting your cell phone provider as soon as possible.



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