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Can I Get A Combined, Unlimited Cell Phone Voice And Data Plan?

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Can I get a combined, unlimited voice and data plan?

Can I Get A Combined, Unlimited Cell Phone Voice And Data Plan?

There are plenty of variations on the current cell phone promotions offered by major carriers, but for those on the go, the most hassle-free combination plan is an unlimited voice and data cell phone offer.

Unlimited plans keep you from having to worry about paying overage fees for voice or data transmissions; having a data plan means you can download attachments as well as email. That feature is perfect for business documents, sending vacation cell phone pics, or video messaging. Before signing up for an unlimited voice and data plan, be sure to check the company's coverage map. Make sure both voice and data services are available in your calling area, and in the areas you may travel to regularly for business.

It wouldn't do to sign up for the current cell phone promotion that doesn't work in the places you're required to travel to often on the job! The make and model of your cell phone can also determine your access to certain data or voice features. Let your customer service rep know what kind of phone you have, as well as what features you need from your cell phone calling plan.



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