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How Can I Tell If My Cell Phone Battery Is Defective?

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How can I tell if my battery is defective?

How Can I Tell If My Cell Phone Battery Is Defective?

Sometimes a cell phone battery recall happens because a manufacturing defect was discovered in a batch of batteries, or because counterfeits are discovered in a lot of "legitimate" batteries; recalls aside, an individual battery can go bad in a number of ways.

If you are properly charging your phone according to the cell phone user/equipment guide but still have problems with a prematurely dead cell phone battery, it might be a defective cell inside the battery. Cold temperatures can drain a battery and fool you into thinking the battery is defective when it's not. Make sure your phone is at room temperature most of the time and avoid leaving the phone in your car overnight.

A properly charged a cell phone battery that never comes to the end of the charging cycle can indicate a counterfeit battery, or a damaged legitimate one. Check your Verizon return policy on defective batteries, you may be entitled to a battery swap if the phone or battery is brand new.



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