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My Dog Chewed My Cell Phone Antenna!

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My dog chewed my cell phone antenna. What now?

My Dog Chewed My Cell Phone Antenna!

Dogs lovers know from experience, cell phone antennas are not safe from chewing. Fortunately, cell phone replacement antennas are widely available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before you order, have a good look at your phone, and then check your tool drawer. You might need a screwdriver to help you replace that antenna. Most people don't own a screwdriver with a head small enough to remove cell phone size screws, you may need to purchase a cell phone repair kit or tool kit to help you perform simple maintenance like cell phone antenna replacement.

Such a simple job shouldn't void the warranty or your Verizon return policy, but always read your cell phone user/equipment guide before trying any do-it-yourself work. If you subscribe to a cell phone insurance plan, re-read your policy. A dog-chewed antenna might qualify for a return or professional repair under the terms of your insurance plan.



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