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Reverse Cell Number Lookup

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Are free reverse cell number lookup services safe to use?

Reverse Cell Number Lookup

There are a growing number of websites offering reverse cell number lookup services. Some offer the information for a price, while other sites offer cell phone lookup for free. Beware sites that ask you for your own cell number. Some web sites are operated by people who sell information to telemarketers and e-mail spammers.

One questionable site requests your cell phone number, while claiming it does not give your information to third parties. On closer inspection, the site's terms of service clearly states, "In submitting your name and cell phone numbers you accept that you have
voluntarily added your name, city, state, and cell phone numbers to our
database. The Directory is not responsible for the
actions of third party members once they have obtained your contact
information from our site." Whether those third party members are users of the site or telemarketers, by entering your cell phone number, you give consent to your cell phone information being released.

Don't be surprised if you wind up having to add your number to a cell phone do not call list after using such a "free" service.



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