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Mobile PDA Battery Life

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How can I extend my mobile PDA battery?

Mobile PDA Battery Life

Blackberry PDAs, Smartphones and other mobile devices all depend on their battery for maximum on-the-go effectiveness. Do you find yourself frustrated by what seems to be low battery life on your Smartphone? It might not be the battery's fault. Make sure you are doing most of the following for maximum battery life from your mobile PDA, Smartphone or other device:

1. Check your Bluetooth use. If you aren't actively using Bluetooth, but leave it up and running, your battery will drain faster.

2. Most Blackberry PDA and Palm Treo users know lowering the brightness of the screen can help extend battery life. Another screen trick to try is to change how long the back light feature stays on. You can alter your back light settings in the Setup section of your Smartphone. Set the "on" time to the minimum length for longer battery life.

3. Make your Verizon Smartphone more battery-friendly by removing screen savers, moving wallpaper and other animated features. They look nice, but they do make the phone work harder.

4. Battery charging is an important part of maintaining battery life. Old nickel-based batteries needed to be completely empty before being charged. Today's PDA handheld devices should be charged whenever they get too low. Some actually warn against letting a Smartphone battery go completely dead. A typical mobile phone battery is good for about 24 months, so plan on buying a replacement before that two-year lifespan ends.



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