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Using Mobile Data Plans

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What should I remember about mobile data plans?

Using Mobile Data Plans

Mobile data plans are made for people who need Internet services on the go, but newcomers to Blackberry PDAs and the Audiovox Smartphone often need to remember the following:

1. Mobile Internet requires a mobile PDA, Verizon Smartphone or other Internet-enabled mobile device. Your old cell phone won't work with these mobile data plans unless specifically designed to do so.

2. When you buy a handheld PDA, Palm Treo or other net-ready device, you'll need to subscribe to a mobile data plan, but once registered you aren't quite ready to start getting emails on your phone. You first need to set up your email account to exchange emails on your Blackberry PDA or other devices.

3. Most cell phone providers have a list of phones that are Internet-ready. It's always best to check with an authorized dealer before purchasing a phone to use with a mobile data plan.

4. Remember that many phones have software patches or updates you may need to download to the phone for optimized use. Some phones require a patch for Daylight Savings Time clock changes, for example. Be sure to check your mobile data plan user packet to learn where you can download this software. Some phones do updates automatically, but software patches are a separate issue.



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