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Changing Your Cell Phone Calling Plan

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Can I change my cell phone calling plan before my contract is expired?

Changing Your Cell Phone Calling Plan

Although your cell phone calling plan is connected to your contract, you can still adjust your cell phone calling plan if your needs change before the contract is up. Do you find yourself going over your monthly minutes? Consider moving to a voice plan with the cell phone minutes you think you need. Wait to make the change until the first day of your billing cycle, if possible. If you need to make a change in the middle of a billing cycle, remember both calling plans will be prorated for that month. Ask your customer service representative to give you a breakdown of how many prorated minutes you will have before making the switch and be sure to ask how the payment will be expected to work for the month of the changeover. You can also look for cell phone offers that will make changing your plan easier and more economical. Keep an eye out for advertisements of cell phone offers that have more or less minutes (depending on what you need). Then, simply ask your cell phone provider about deals that might make the switch better for you!



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