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Cell Phone Calling Plan Comparisons

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The cell phone offer I am considering has low minutes. Should I forget about this one and move on?

Cell Phone Calling Plan Comparisons

There is more to comparing cell phones than looking at price and the number of minutes offered. If one cell phone calling plan offers 1,000 minutes for $20 less than a plan that has only 700 minutes, it may seem like the 700-minute plan is a bad deal, but it's important to see what other features are offered in the plan. If 700-minute cell phone calling plans don't charge for roaming or family calling minutes are free, the "smaller" package has a lot more value. No-roaming-charge plans are quite valuable to frequent travelers and free minutes for specified calls have equal value. Don't dismiss cell phone calling plans because of low minutes until you've learned what perks may be attached. Know before you sign up.



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