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Dead Cell Phone Batteries

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Is my cell phone battery really dead?

Dead Cell Phone Batteries

There are two kinds of dead cell phone batteries. The first, and most common, type is that your cell phone needs to be recharged. The other kind of dead battery requires a look at cell phone user/equipment guides. If your cell phone battery is permanently dead, check your user guide for disposal requirements, as you can't just throw the batteries into the trash. Dead cell phone batteries must be properly disposed of at a recycling center or collection point. Before you throw that battery away, make sure it is truly dead by completely removing it, cleaning the contact points inside the phone and on the battery, then try to recharge it one last time. You may just have dirty contact points that keep the battery from charging properly, or a mis-aligned cell phone battery. When a cell phone battery is dead too early, check your vendor to make sure you aren't affected by a cell phone battery recall.



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