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What Is A Rugged Cell Phone?

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What is a rugged cell phone?

What Is A Rugged Cell Phone?

Rugged cell phones are built to withstand water, impact and dust. If you work in construction, are a military member, or have any other occupation that is hard on mobile technology, a rugged cell phones are a very good choice. Some phone owners learn the hard way that they need to upgrade to a more durable phone, but fortunately many cell phone companies offer upgrade plans to help get customers into a rugged or waterproof cell phone. If you are considering an upgrade to a rugged phone, ask yourself a few important questions:

1. Is your cell phone contract up for renewal? You may be eligible for a free or discounted upgrade to a rugged phone.

2. If you recently purchased a cell phone and are reconsidering because rugged cell phones fit your lifestyle better, you may be able to exchange the original phone if you are still in the "return period." This is usually soon after your purchase where you can take the phone back, no questions asked.

3. Did you know you may be eligible for an employee discount? Many companies have arrangements with cell phone providers that could work to your advantage. Upgrading to a rugged cell phone might be easier on your bank account than you thought.

4. If you are changing cell phone providers at the same time, you could qualify for additional discounts, introductory free service or other benefits. Changing calling plans could also help you with the cost of a rugged cell phone. Ask the sales rep what your options are and how you can work the best deal for a new cell phone.

Some people assume that rugged cell phones aren't equipped with the same features as ordinary phones, but they are now available with GPS and video capability. Ask your dealer for a side-by-side comparison of features.



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