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How Do I Choose a Cell Phone?

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How do I choose a cell phone?

How Do I Choose a Cell Phone?

If you have trouble deciding between cell phones, there are a few ways to simplify the process. The three major issues that affect your cell phone experience are reliable connections, the sturdiness of the phone and battery life. Remember this list of hints when shopping for a new phone:

1. You can get more reliable connections from a cell phone equipped with an external antenna.

2. Not all cell phone/battery combinations are alike. Ask your vendor to show you cell phones with longer battery life.

3. Compare two or three models in the store, then check them with a cell phone review website, such as Consumer Reports. You will learn a great deal about how the phones hold up in noisy environments, or in areas with weak reception.

4. Ask the salesperson what phone he or she personally uses. This may tell you a lot, as the staff will be very picky about phone choices with all that "insider knowledge."

5. Don't be shy about testing the phone in the store. It never hurts to ask, and if you are refused, that could be a very good sign to move on to a new cell phone store. It's called "customer service" for a reason!



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