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Buying A Motorola Cell Phone

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Why should I buy a phone from my cell phone provider? Can't I buy a used one on the internet?

Buying A Motorola Cell Phone

If you are buying Motorola cell phones or any other model, it's important to purchase your cell phone directly from your cell phone carrier. Cell phones have special programming that allows them to connect with the carrier's specific network. If you purchase a Motorola Bluetooth cell phone from a different network provider, it may not work properly on your network, even if it is the same model number as the phones sold in that carrier's store. Buying a used phone using services such as eBay has the same risks attached, and those purchases are often without the Motorola warranty. It is impossible to know what programming has been used on that particular phone. It is better to play it safe than risk spending money on Motorola cell phones you won't be able to use at all.



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