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Make Your Own Ringtones

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Make Your Own Ringtones

Ringtones can be expensive. And it can be hard to find the exact tone you want, especially if you're looking for real MP3 ringtones. There's a new tool out there that lets you create and upload your own ringtones. It's called Xingtone and it works only with Windows Media Player. But for $19.95 you can forget making payments each time you download a ringtone and instead rip them directly from your MP3 or CD connection.



5/6/2009 9:52:21 AM
rick said:

You can use to make your own ringtones and it is free. You can also back up your phone book and do other cool things to your phone. The ring tone maker is cool cause you can take any MP3 on your computer convert it to a ring tone and take only the part of the song you like and load it to your phone. You want Snoop with all the cussing you got it.....


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